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 Medical Legal Record Review

As a registered nurse, healthcare risk management and regulatory readiness consultant, I leverage my extensive experience in the field to help my clients achieve their goals and overcome their challenges. One of the services I offer is chart review, which involves:

  • Translating information and answering your questions: I can help you understand the medical terminology, abbreviations, and codes used in the charts, as well as clarify any doubts or queries you may have about the content or context of the records.
  • Identifying issues for discovery: I can assist you in finding and highlighting any potential problems or discrepancies in the charts, such as missing documentation, errors, inconsistencies, gaps, or deviations from standards or best practices.
  • Building timelines: I can create and organize chronological summaries of the charts, showing the key events, actions, and outcomes related to the patient's care. This can help you visualize and analyze the sequence and quality of care provided, as well as identify any delays, omissions, or failures.